Still Life

Featuring manimekala zero waste accessories

photographer - Samantha Webb

stylist - Katy Trodd

retoucher - Adrian Garneata


Starting an independent fashion design brand

Article by manimekala for underpinned magazine

Illustration - JON MCCORMACK

Paradise Island, Lutra Magazine

Featuring Manimekala SS19 clothing and Zero Waste accessories

Photographer - Lucy Ranson

Stylist - Jubbi

MUA - Heather Card

Model - Isobella Chick

Tribe Beauty

Featuring Manimekala SS19 clothing and scarves

Creative Director - Kristina Kostenko

Photographer - Luzie Strasser

HMUA - Amy Welch and Emily Telford

Models - Audrey and Alice


Digital paintinG, Tushar Rajan Sharma

Featuring Manimekala SS19 clothing and aw18 boots

Stylist - Timami Yestha


“Lessons Learned From Brooke Candy’s Saturn Return”, Garage Magazine

Featuring Manimekala AW18 clothing, boots and jewellery

Models - Brooke Candy + Donnika Anderson

Stylist - Jamie Maree Shipton

Photographer - Bananas Clarke

Westminster Pop Up, 67 York Street, London

A Week-long pop up shop in central London in collaboration with 7 other young artists and designers, Supported by the University of Westminster’s Creative Enterprise Centre

“University of Westminster Pop Up Opens in Marylebone”, London LivE

Interview with Manimekala Fuller and Manon Planche on London Live about the Westminster Pop Up

“Modern Alchemy”, Maria Epoyan x Manimekala

short film based on 3D scans of fabrics from Manimekala’s AW18 collection

Little Dragon performance, Camp Flog Gnaw 2018

Yukimi Nagano wears Full look Manimekala aw18

Stylist - Taff Williamson

Photographers - Nicole Busch, Jazz Shademan, Dan Garcia, Ashley Osborn

Travis Alabanza, Gay Times Honours 2018

TRans Activist Travis wins the “Future Fighter” award while wearing Manimekala AW18 trousers, gloves and earring

Stylist - Mia Maxwell


“Lover Chanting” Music video, Little Dragon

Yukimi wears Manimekala AW18

Stylist - Taff Williamson

Directors - Jack Whiteley

+ Joe Wills

Still Photographer - Amin Musa


brooke candy's shape-shifting style embodies her musical and political vision

Featuring Manimekala AW18 Headpiece

Model - Brooke CandY

Stylist - Jamie Maree Shipton

Photographer - Tom Blesch

CFDS+ 2018 Design Graduates, Council of Fashion Designers of America

Manimekala Fuller selected as one the best fashion graduates worldwide


Manimekala AW18 Illustrations, #DRAWFASHION

Manimekala Fuller selected as a finalist for the 2018 #DRAWFASHION illustration competition by London College oF fashion x Cass Art

“Third Gender”, Bodies x Borders, Queer Asia 2018

A collaborative installation by Anil Dega x Manimekala Fuller

Manimekala x swatch, international Talent Support 2018

sculpture inspired by Manimekala’s AW18 collection, in collaboration with Swatch


International Talent Support 2018, Vogue Italia

Manimekala fuller selected as an Artwork finalist for ITS 2018

Spotlight on the projects of the ITS 2018 finalists’ projects

“Modern Alchemy IRL”, Manimekala x Gersch Rox Presents

Manimekala AW18 Fashion show at the Curtain Member’s Club