For SS20, Manimekala tells the story of a personal journey to the stars. Per Ardua Ad Astra maps out the psychology of her experience.

Instead of going travelling to find yourself, how could you de-program your mind? What would you want, need, with you on this metaphysical journey? Bearing a collection of talismans for protection, messages of solidarity from your fellow people, the history of humankind is written into your clothes.

Every culture has their own stories of creation. What is yours?


You are on your way, through hardship, to the stars.


This season Manimekala made our London Fashion Week debut, showing with Hundred Showroom at Fashion Scout, with three other talented new designers.


PRODUCTION: Fashion Scout + Hundred Showroom

AssistED BY: Mattis Rump + Julia Adalid

PhotographY Josh Cadogan

MODELS: elizabeth, trinity, sophie, megan, keta + noor AT FIRST MODEL MANAGEMENT, Damyana

Music: Christian NardecchiA

Lead MUA: Lucy Ryan for illamasqua

LEAD HAIR: Hayley Bishop for tonI & guy

all CLOTHING and accessories: manimekala


Imaginary dreamscape prints are developed from surreal hand-paintings and drawings, featuring elements gathered from the designer’smemories.Abstract prints were developed from traditional ikat and madras weavings, overlaid with hypothetical map symbols, and contrasting with Manimekala’s signature hand-marbling technique.


We also partnered with Saheli Women for the first time, spending a week in Bhikamkor, Rajasthan to create our samples. Embroideries were made in collaboration with studio Roopali. We love working with female creatives and women-focused social enterprises to revolutionise fashion together!