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Article: What to wear when the weather won’t cooperate

What to wear when the weather won’t cooperate

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In the UK we talk about the weather a lot because, well, there is a lot of weather. Not particularly exciting or dramatic weather, but very unpredictable weather, which can make getting dressed a guessing game.

It’s around this time every year that I start to long for dress-and-nothing-else season, but, of course the weather won’t co-operate. To be fair, it is still March. So here are some ideas for outfits that express that spring-y spirit but are also somewhat practical. These are the pieces I’ve been wearing on rotation recently.

Statement sleeve midi dress + knitted vest +  trainers

Statement sleeve midi dress


knitted vest




A midi dress in a bright, happy colour, with a knitted vest to keep your core warm, plus some statement printed sleeves to add some drama. I’ve been particularly enjoying my raspberry pink Khushi dress lately, and I like a crew or turtleneck vest for maximum snuggliness, but a V neck also works. And as much as I love matching coloured tights, I’ve recently been wearing leggings pushed up* to just above the dress hem to give the impression of bare legs while not freezing. Genius, I know. Then just add some non-boring socks (glittery, striped, sheer, etc) and your favourite trainers.

* You could also wear three-quarter length leggings but the advantage of full length ones is that if your ankles get cold, you can just pull them back down!


Midi skirt + knitted jumper + knee boots 

Midi skirt


knitted jumper


knee boots 


I love the look of a jumper with a long skirt, it somehow feels relaxed and put-together at the same time. I wear a shirt or blouse with cute collar and cuff details, or sometimes just a random comfy tshirt, underneath the jumper then pull on one of my Varshini skirts. Personally I like a more fitted or cropped jumper for my figure, but if you prefer an oversized slouchy fit it makes the look more “cool girl”.

Finish with knee high boots, with leggings or tights for warmth underneath. No one will see them so you can go wild! Depending on my mood, I will either keep the skirt the main focus of my outfit and wear with a plain jumper and boots, or I’ll go all out with a “fun” jumper and/or “fun” boots because life is too short not have fun with your clothes.

This is such an easy outfit formula that can be mixed and matched infinitely, so you’ll never get bored.


Midaxi dress + belt (optional) + cardigan (optional) + ankle boots

Midaxi dress


belt (optional)


cardigan (optional)


ankle boots


The best part about this outfit formula, in my opinion, is that the cardigan and belt are optional because it works with both, with either and with neither. You do have the pick the right dress though - it must be interesting enough to be worn alone, but not demanding to only be worn alone.

I’m very into burgundy and pale blue together at at the moment so I’ve been wearing my Padma and Karamana dresses a lot. The lightness of the sky blue lifts the richness of the burgundy, especially when worn with light coloured pieces in beige or tan instead of dark brown or black.

The Padma in particular is warm and cosy due to the needlecord fabric, but is still soft to wear and not at all as heavy as wide wale corduroy (the “wale” means the thickness of the velvety stripes). I’m wearing mine on repeat with a vintage tan leather belt, a rotation of wool cardigans and burgundy or nude ankle boots, to show just a sliver of lower leg as a nod to (hopefully) raising temperatures.


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